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Fragile Item Packaging Company in Northeast Florida

At Webblee Packing & Moving, your cherished items’ safety is our top priority. When you’re ready to relocate and start your next chapter, trust us to pack, secure, and deliver your belongings quickly and efficiently. We are a full-service fragile item packing company serving Northwest Florida homes and businesses. We are a family-owned and operated team of movers with over 20 years of experience getting individuals and families where they need to go. We customize our shipping containers, boxes, and materials to our customers, providing them peace of mind from beginning to end.

furniture wrapped with plastic

Our Specialty Packing Process

Our goal is to devise and implement the perfect containers and support for your delicate items. Before we pack, we come to your property to evaluate the items you need moved. After assessing their size, weight, shape, and how fragile they are, we begin formulating a plan and gathering the materials that will keep them shape. We select the proper boxes, crating, cushioning, and packing for your items. Our team will determine the risks of transporting and delivering your belongings so we can avoid them and get them to their destination intact.

What Fragile Items Do You Package?

Home and business owners want items specially packed for different reasons. Whether you need to transport a company asset or a precious family heirloom, we can provide the customized packaging and shipping it needs to stay secure. We pack, unload, and deliver a wide range of delicate items and belongings, including:


Electronic devices often require special packaging to prevent them from breaking. Our team will assess your TVs, computers, and other large electronics and devise customized containers for them.


We handle all types of paintings, sculptures, prints, poster, and beyond, creating personalized cushions and boxing. After removing your art pieces, we will hang, install, and place them anywhere you want.

Antiques & Collectibles

Whether you want to enjoy a cherished collectible at home or take it to auction, our specialty packages can prepare it. We package, transport, and deliver antique items like vintage jukeboxes, family heirlooms, and more.

What We Consider Before Packing Fragile Items

Before packing your delicates items, we must first consider any unique factors or circumstances that surround them. Many fragile belongings have individual dimensions and specifications that we must think about before selecting the container and transportation method. Further, the items’ values and insurance requirements help determine the type of cushioning, support, and safety guards we’ll use to deliver them. You can rely on us because we seek understand every detail about your belongings before your move. If you want to know more about our fragile packing process, please reach out. We’ll gladly evaluate your delicate items and provide a free estimate for you.

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