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Professional Moving Company in Jacksonville, FL

Whether you are relocating across town or down the street, you can depend on Webblee Packing & Moving. We are a professional moving company in Jacksonville, FL providing full, partial, and customized services for homeowners. As a family-owned and operated company, we understand how crucial it is to keep your belongings and loved ones safe. We provide top-quality materials and seasoned movers to securely pack, transport, and deliver items. We’ll consult with you and discuss your move before it begins and form a plan to achieve your goals. We treat your belongings and home like ours; with dignity, respect, care.

person carrying a box

Local Moves

We provide local moves if you are relocating within the immediate area. Local moving means moving a brief distance from your current location or metro are and within your state. Most of these moves take place within 50 miles of where you’re leaving. Our family has lived in the area for generations and served it for over 20 years. We understand our communities’ layouts and travel routes better than anyone. Many of our customers are our neighbors, too. You can rely on our knowledge of our communities to get you across town or your new neighborhood quickly and conveniently.

Long-Distance Moves

Moving you or your loved ones far away from home can be difficult, even when you are looking forward to your new home or residence. Our team is equipped to move belongings within the entire state and regionally. We offer customers heavy-duty vehicles and a trained, licensed, and certified team to relocate them across state lines comfortably. Since our founding, we’ve become masters of the interstate, able to find the most convenient routes for getting you to your destination. Allow us to pack, transport, store, and deliver your items during your long-distance move, or customize your services according to your needs.

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